Friday, September 6, 2013


As a Muslim who believes in Allah and the Last Day, our view of life to this world is nothing but just a place to stop by for a while. Because there is still a long life for the human being in the future, that is the life in the hereafter or akhirat. That is the truth of the life after the human death in the world. No other life after hereafter. In hereafter, the human will live forefer. A lot of persons live happily, and not a little human who live sadly with getting a lot of painful punishment from Allah SWT. This is the natural world which was second life in the human journey, after they previously live in the womb, for approximately 9 months. The world we now live in is, perhaps during 100 years old we will live in. But the size is not standard, because anytime and anywhere, God will deign to move us to another real nature again, that is hereafter or akhirat nature. It could be someone inhales the air once or in one minute in this world, then Allah Almighty called him directly. Some are old, but not a few who are young, fit and healthy, having a good career, wealthy, respectable and being prime, but the provisions of Allah can not be denied by any human being. Whenever God wish to revoke our lives, sure our lives will be revoked, with a particular cause or even without a specific reason. All sorts of effort and resources that we do, will not be able to reject what God has decided. After passing through the nature of this world, all men will experience many other nature. There are two choices for human, getting the enjoyment or misery. But the human must choose from now, not when we are in another nature later. Because the world nature nowadays, it has been established by God to serve us as a place of determinent when deciding to move to another real nature. In the nature of the world life, God only asks us to declare the recognition that there is no god except Allah and that Prophet Muhammad is His messenger. And we live in an Islamic rules that have been setted and decided. All informations about the way of life that is wished by Him, were presented and delivered clearly through the Al-Qur'an and Al-Hadith. There is no reason to argue that someone in the world is not getting any information about his religion. When human in this world do what God has set, then when they then go into another real nature, happiness will remain for them. Both physical and spiritual happiness. Conversely, if the nature of the world is to be a place to fool around, forgetting what God commanded, breaking what had been banned, disregard all of His rules, then once they go into another nature, God must prepare for them to live miserable physically and spiritually. In the grave some human will be tortured with painful punishments. In the Makhsyar field they will be made frightened and lost. In the the court of the end verdict a lot of people will be handed down heavy and then finally they will be taken into the hell fire which twinge them. How happy the human who can see the map of the journey of their life in this world. The time period of human life in the world nature is very relative, can be long or it can be a while. While the other worlds that we will face later so big, large, great, and eternal. It is unfortunate if we waste the golden opportunity provided in the world nature in vain. It would be better with a little hard, patient and sincere in the world nature which is only temporary, than we will get painful punishment in the other nature again (in the here after or akhirat nature). We all will be soon moving nature, sooner or later. Ensure that when we move into another real nature, we take stock of faith and good deeds. If not, we will lose. For the sake of time, that the most of the human are in loss. Except those who believe and do good deeds, and counsel each other (one another) to the truth and advise each other (one another) to patience (Surah Al-'Asr: 1-4)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Langkah-langkah yang dilakukan dalam membuat sebuah blog di blogger adalah:
1. Buka situs 
2. Ciptakan Sebuah Account
Maksudnya adalah untuk Anda login bila nanti blog telah selesai dibuat dan apabila anda ingin mengedit dan memposting tulisan, anda bisa membuat account anda di atau yang lainnya seperti yahoo, tetapi lebih baik menggunakan account google yang dibuat di
3. Apabila nda telah mempunyai account, anda bisa langsung mengklik tulisan “Ciptakan Blog Anda” tetapi apabila belum ada, anda bisa membuatnya di
4. Isilah kotak-kotak yang tersedia sesuai dengan data anda. Setelah semuanya terisi, anda dapat mengklik tombol yang di bawah, yaitu “Saya Menerima Buat Akunku” dan apabila nda berhasil, akan muncul tulisan “Selamat Anda bergabung dengan Gmail”.
5. Seperti yang telah dijelaskan di atas, apabila anda telah mempunyai account atau telah berhasil membuat account, maka kita langsung saja mengklik tombol “Ciptakan Sebuah Account”
6. Isilah kotak ”Alamat email”, dengan account yang telah kita buat sebelumnya.
7. Isilah kotak berikutnya data yang sesuai dengan data Anda dan penjelasan yang ada di sampingnya karena apabila anda mengisinya salah, maka akan tampil pesan kesalahan. Setelah anda yakin bahwa yang diisikan adalah benar, pilih tombol “Lanjutkan” untuk ke langkah selanjutnya.
8. Nama Blog Anda
Pada kotak “Judul Blog”, anda boleh mengisi apapun sedangkan yang harus
[1]Blog (URL)”, karena alamat blog ini yang akan digunakan untuk melihat blog anda melalui kotak pencarian Mozzila Firefox, Internet Explorer ataupun web browser yang lainnya. Contoh yang saya masukkan adalah
9. Setelah itu dicek ketersediaan alamat ini, apabila tersedia kita dapat melanjutkannya ke langkah 3. Apabila tidak tersedia, anda harus menggantinya sampai anda menemukan alamat yang tersedia. Kemudian pilih tombol “Lanjutkan” untuk sampai ke langkah berikutnya, yaitu
memilih template.
10. Pilih Template. Pada langkah ini, anda bisa memilih template dengan cara menggulung scroolbarnya ke bawah karena masih banyak template yang tersedia dan tentunya yang sesuai dengan keinginan anda. Apabila template yang anda pilih sudah sesuai dengan keinginan anda, maka pilih tombol “Lanjutkan” .Ini berarti Anda telah berhasil membuat blog.
11. Pilih tombol “Mulai Blogging” untuk memulai membuat tulisan pada blog anda.
12. Anda sudah dapat memposting tulisan anda di kotak yang telah disediakan. Sebagai contoh saya menuliskan tulisan “Mencoba mengisi blog...”, setelah itu pilih tombol “Terbitkan Entri”
13. Kita dapat melihat tulisan yang tadi dibuat, yaitu “Coba mengisi blog...” dengan memilih tombol “Lihat Blog”
14. Alamat yang tadi saya pilih
 Sekian & Terima Kasih